Friday, August 17, 2012

Knock knock.

My kids do not get knock knock jokes. Bless their little hearts, they try so hard. They must find it confusing, too, because I will laugh because their jokes make no sense and they must think I'm laughing because their jokes are funny. They are always doing knock knock jokes in the car, or in group situations. Connor was at a soccer clinic and they sat around telling jokes for a little bit. Connor told me that he told a bunch of knock knock jokes, but the kids didn't laugh and only a couple of adults laughed. (Pity laugh, I'm sure.) My dad told me I really need to teach them how knock knock jokes work, and I've tried, but they just don't get it. I will have to ask them to tell me some jokes that I can write down later. Kaytlynns knock knock joke: K: Knock knock Me Who's there? K:funny eyeball Me: Funny eyeball who? K: Funny eyeball, you're laughing in your mouth, funny eyeball! knock, knock who's there? peach peach who? peach, peach, peach, get out of that ear! knock, knock who's there feet feet who? feet, feet, feet! Get out of that nose! And stop eating those boogers! knock, knock who's there? e e who? e is going in the waves in the nose in the mouth in the eyeballs in the ears. Goes down her mouth. knock, knock, who's there? nanna nanna who? banana who? banana who? somebody comes walking in the door and slips on the banana (Connor says this isn't funny and he can't feel the funniness and some of Kaytlynns are very long) Connor knock, knock who's there? jokester jokester who? jokester you! knock, knock whos there? orange orange who? orange strike! knock, knock who's there? pie pie who? pie splat! knock, knock who's there/ hammer hammer who? hammerhead knock, knock whos there bowling bowling who bowling strikes Josh's knock knock jokes: Knock, knock. Who's there? banana banana who? banana poo knock, knock, who's there? shark shark who knock, knock whos there? shark shark who? knock, knock whos there shark shark who? aren't you glad I didn't say shark again? knock, knock whos there clock clock who click clock, click clock knock knock whos there I I who One little eye swinging in the swing, one little eye, swinging in the swing. Olivias joke told by connor knock, knock whos there orange orange who knock knock whos there orange orange who knock knock whos there orange orange who aren't you glad I didn't say orange again?


CamiKay said...

ok I suck at checking blogs but I usually log in and read all of your posts every couple of months and guess what? There's not enough this time. But I did laugh really hard all through the knock knock one...

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